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First comes the Outline. If you get a good basic outline of your subject down on screen, or paper, then you will be half way there before you have the actual finished essay. Do an outline and the paper has practically written itself. This seems especially so with comparison essays, which is when you take two or more ideas about whatever you choose and explain how they are the same as well as how they are different. A basic good rule of thumb is to pick topics that interest you to write the essay about. If this is a school assignment and you do not have the option of picking any topic you like, but have a specified list to choose from, then pick the most interesting topics from the list of comparison contrast essay topics offered. Choose two that interests you most, or more items if that option is given, that need to be compared and contrasted in the essay. Look for common ground between the subjects on which you will be doing your evaluation. A good tip is that when you end up having to write a compare and contrast essay on a single subject or idea, you can try evaluating the good and bad sides of a specific subject. You have to make sure that you know what you mean by good and bad and be able to make these points clear to the reader. The basic idea of compare and contrast essay writing is that the thesis of such a paper is usually the idea that A and B are very similar, and yet, quite different after all. The Main Body of the essay is a set of paragraphs that support your thesis, or idea. There are several ways to organize your body paragraphs. First write the paragraphs comparing the similarities between the objects, then writing the contrasting paragraphs. Write only about the comparable and contrasting elements of each idea. No matter what your preferences, you will need to give an equal amount of attention to both sides in your essay. Always remember to give reference sources for your information on your investigations in your thesis. A reader has to have a clear picture of your compare and contrast essays paper. Now comes the best part, writing the conclusion! Just like in the introduction of your essay, the conclusion should be a generalization of the thesis, or theme, of the essay. Your conclusion should be a strong paragraph that clearly pushes home the points of your thesis in words that would clear up any points that may have been cloudy and show how you’ve proven your point of view in the body of the essay thesis. Don’t lag on the conclusion because you made be tired of writing the essay and your so close to being done that you hurry through it. Sometimes you feel so worn out by the end of writing a comparison essay paper that you don’t want to work hard on writing a good conclusion to a great essay. If you are feeling like your eyeballs are going to shrivel and your head explode, then step away for about 20-30 minutes, take a break, and then go finish with a strong finale. Conclusion writing is important. Don’t cheat yourself just because at you felt tired and wanted to be finished with the essay.

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